We appreciate that a lot of painting companies provide a wide variety of services, though they may not be experts in any of them. Our team do possess the relevant skills and qualifications to provide you with exceptional results for each of the below services, and we provide an 8 year workmanship warranty on all completed works. We hope that you see this warranty as we do – it is a testament to the confidence we have in our abilities to complete the following for your residential, commercial, body corporate or real estate project.

In addition to all facets of interior and exterior painting, we provide:



You may be looking to bring warmth and luxe to a living room, a creative meeting place to your office, or a fun feature to a play area. Our team are specialists in applying unique finishes using your medium of choice including, though not limited to, Dulux Design Chalkboard, french wash, copper finish, lime wash or Dulux DryErase (which turns your wall into a coloured whiteboard). We can help you to source or even custom design the perfect wallpaper for your space, before applying it with utmost care and precision.


We know how much time Queenslanders like to spend outdoors relaxing and entertaining, and having a beautiful deck to do this on makes it all that more appealing. Unfortunately, the Queensland sun is not the kindest to our decks or timber windows and doors. Sun damage can cause issues such as fading and flaking, which in turn can leave the wood exposed to the elements and at risk of even further damage. Our team are able to repair and care for decks and timber in all forms, and if you wish, can establish a regular maintenance plan for you to ensure that the ongoing worry is out of your hands.


Your roof needs a little bit of love too! Although it may not be a part of your property that you look at regularly, maintaining your roof is important to prevent leakages and internal damage. Regardless of whether your roof is tin or tile, we are able to assist you with repairs and repainting to ensure that the structural integrity of your home is maintained. A high-pressure clean is always our starting point, followed by any repairs, a coat of Dulux Actratex roof sealer, and two coats of Dulux Actratex Roof Membrane. Dulux’s Actratex range provides the greatest protection to your roof, and is the only paint system we trust to adequately protect your asset.


We understand that selecting your colour scheme can be a difficult task; it can be hard to picture the end result when all you have to go from are some colour samples, yet you want your property to look exactly as you’d imagined. To assist in getting this just right, our team of colour consultants are available to collaborate with you to make this key decision. Our consultants have over 20 years combined experience in the industry, and have been hand selected to work with us. We will provide you with a portfolio detailing your chosen colour scheme and where each colour is used, whilst we will also keep a copy on file to make things simple for you in the future. Our colour consultation service is complimentary with any full interior or exterior painting project.


Aluminium windows and doors are an often-neglected part of a property during renovation or repainting. They are costly to replace, though can stand out when left in their original colours such as silver or mission brown, particularly when a modern colour scheme is brought to the property. We are able to rejuvenate these for you with a unique spraying technique that leaves them looking like new – high gloss and hard wearing – and most importantly, cohesive with the rest of your property.


Your kitchen is the heart of the home, and quite often it’s the heart of the office too! It’s a place of congregation and conversation, and we believe that it should feel clean and fresh. 2 pack paint can be applied to cabinets and tiles to transform them with a fresh colour and a high-gloss long-lasting finish, the results are modern and look as good as new. We can apply this method to your kitchen, bathroom and/or laundry, and love seeing the transformation of your space!


The safety of your family, staff, tenants and our environment are of the utmost importance to us. Lead paint was used in and on many homes and buildings up until the 70’s, and must be removed safely. We will test all paint prior to preparing the surfaces of your project, and if lead is found we will safely strip it and dispose of it in accordance with national standards, to ensure that everyone is protected. Please be assured that we are fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind.


We know how difficult it can be sourcing multiple trustworthy trades, however if it’s plaster repairs you’re after, you needn’t worry. We are able to repair all forms of plaster damage whether it’s a small hole, water damage, or damage requiring the replacement of a sheet. Preparation is the key to achieving a great finish! We know that even the smallest of dents or deformities can be enhanced once painted, so it’s important to ensure that we attend to any damage prior to commencing your painting project.


You may have a beautiful timber door hidden under years’ worth of paint, a prized antique in need of some TLC, or a painted brick fireplace that you’d like to expose. With specialised paint stripping techniques, we can help you to reveal or restore these pieces to turn them into a unique feature. Often these hidden features have been smothered in paint, and what lies beneath the top few coats is a mystery! For this reason, we apply test patches of various Dumond paint removers to ensure that we proceed with the best product to adequately strip it back to the surface. Once stripped, you may choose to leave bricks bare for a rustic look, or alternatively you may wish to varnish or French Polish a wooden piece to restore it back to its former glory. We can certainly apply these finishing coats for an end-to-end service, with our team possessing qualifications in French Polishing.