The Brief

Originally built circa 1938, this stunning Tudor style home received a new lease on life when our clients undertook a renovation and extension project in 2018. A brand new double garage was added at the front of the home, and a large extension was adjoined to the rear of the property, perfectly blending old and new. We were requested to paint both the new additions to the home, as well as selected existing internal and external areas.

What We Did

We really enjoyed painting the new garage to tie in with the existing Tudor style timber battens, and gave the original battens to remainder of the home a refresh as we went along. The front entry and walkway were all repainted, bringing the front door, brick window sills and timber in this area from white to black to add some extra ‘pop’.

The entire rear extension was painted outside and in, along with additional internal painting works to the rooms that directly adjoin to the extension. We’ve since completed repainting works to remaining rooms inside the existing section of the home, giving it the same fresh feeling as the extended area!



Dulux Black

Timber battens, timber posts, timber handrail, downpipes, brick window sills and front door

Dulux Lexicon Quarter

Weatherboard cladding (rear extension) and all internal surfaces